03 September 2014


User Mailbox Recovery in Exchange 2003

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There are many methods for the recovery of a deleted Exchange 2003mailbox. They are:
1. Recover using the Exchange System Manager

2. Recover using the Recovery Storage Group Feature

3. Recovery from Backup Recovery Server
How to Restore a Deleted Exchange 2003 Mailbox Using Exchange System Manager

It is easy to restore a user mailbox in Exchange 2003 after its deletion, if the deletion retention settings are configured properly in the Exchange prior to the deletion of the mailbox. Here we will show you how to configure the deletion retention settings, and how to restore Exchange 2003 mailbox. For this, one needs to make use of the Exchange System Manger.

Exchange System Manager

Exchange System Manager is a specialized MMC console that facilitates better management of the Exchange Organization. It helps Exchange administrators in managing public folders, servers, routing, and policies very effectively.

To open the Exchange System Manager:
  • Click Start> Programs>Microsoft Exchange>System Manager   
Verify/Configure Mailbox Deletion Retention Settings in Exchange 2003

You can recover the deleted user mailbox using the Exchange System Manager, only if you have configured the deleted item retention settings prior to the deletion. This is how you can configure it:
1. Start the Exchange System Manager.
2. Expand Administrative Groups, and then expand < administrative group>
Note: If you do not see the Administrative Groups displayed, Right-click < organization>, click Properties, click the Display administrative groups checkbox, click OK, click OK, and restart the Exchange System Manager.
3. Expand Servers, expand < server>, and expand
4. Right-click the Mailbox Store
5. Click Properties, and then click the Limits tab.
6. Enter the number in Keep deleted mailboxes for (days) box (the deleted mailboxes will be kept for this number of days); click OK.
Restore Deleted Exchange 2003 Mailbox

The deleted user mailbox will remain in the server for the number of days specified in the deletion retention settings. Before the expiry of the retention days, you can recover the mailbox very easily by following the steps given below:
1. Repeat the steps as above till the step 4.
2. Right-click Mailboxes and click Run Cleanup Agent.
3. Right-click the mailbox that is to be recovered, and click Reconnect.
4. Select the user account (when the list of Microsoft Active Directory directory service accounts appears) to which the mailbox is be connected; click OK.
5. Finally, quit Exchange System Manager.
Professional Tools for the Recovery of Deleted Mailboxes 

Kernel for Exchange Server is a professional third-party tool for the recovery of deleted Exchange Server mailboxes. Apart from the deleted mailboxes, it recovers all other inaccessible mailboxes from the corrupt or damaged Exchange database. Another advantage is that, it works with all versions of Exchange Server.
To download trial version of this tool follow this link: http://www.exchangerecoverytools.org/