11 March 2013


How to Export and Import mailboxes to outlook PST files?

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Disaster on the Exchange server creates a panic situation and interrupts entire communication process in the organization. Exchange Server disaster can happen due to several reasons such as:

  • a). Virus, spyware and ad-ware intrusion
  • b). Corrupt hard disk or portable device
  • c). Permanently deleted user accounts
  • d). Crash of MS Windows or MS Outlook
  • f). Other hardware malfunctions

User accounts on Exchange Server are stored in EDB file format. To deal with Exchange disaster situation, network administrator needs to convert user accounts or mailboxes into MS Outlook.

Exchange mailbox recovery through MS Outlook

Exchange Server corruption or disaster is unhealthy situation in the organization. It prevents user from accessing their mailbox data on the Server. Many times, converting Exchange mailbox into Outlook PST file helps the administrator in eliminating Exchange Server disasters. Microsoft has added Import and Export wizard in MS Outlook that enables exchange administrator to convert Exchange mailboxes into PST file format. Following conditions must be fulfilled for Exchange mailbox recovery with MS Outlook:
  • a). You must be network administrator of the Exchange Server and have access of all outlook profiles
  • b). MS Outlook 2003 or higher version must be installed on the master computer of the network
  • c). Exchange Server 2007 or higher version should be installed on the master computer
  • d). You must create blank PST file using Accounts Setting of the outlook profile

If Outlook 2010 is installed in main computer, then you can recover Exchange mailboxes with Outlook’s import and export wizard in the following steps:

  1. 1. Open the specific Outlook profile of a domain

  2. 2. In the file menu of the mailbox windows, hit Open >Import to open Import and Export Wizard

  3. 3. Choose “Export to a file” option from the available list and press “Next”

  4. 4. Select “Personal Folder File (.PST)” option and press “Next
  5. 5. Choose some or all folders of the Exchange mailbox for export
  6. 6. Check the “Include sub folders” check box and press “Next”
  7. 7. Specify the destination folder to save exported mailbox in the blank PST file

  8. 8. Select “Do not export duplicate items” option and press “Finish
Folders and sub- folders of the user mailbox selected for migration are exported to blank PST file by the Import and Export migration wizard of MS Outlook.

Limitations of Outlook’s Import and Export wizard

Import and Export Wizard of MS Outlook helps the network administrator in troubleshooting many Exchange corruption issues. However, it has several limitations as mentioned below:

  • It cannot recover Exchange mailbox or user profile, that are permanently removed from the Exchange Server
  • It fails to extract mailbox data, if Exchange Server crashes or frequently disconnects from internet
  • It takes very long time for large scale Exchange mailbox recovery

Due to above-mentioned limitations of MS Outlook, it is better that you use third party Exchange mailbox recovery software.

Kernel for Exchange server recovery

Kernel for Exchange Server recovery is a proficient tool to deal with major EDB or Exchange Server corruption. It is capable of recovering user mailboxes from the severely damaged or crashed Exchange Server. This Exchange mailbox recovery utility is very much competent in recovering mailboxes from both public and private Exchange databases. Finally, it save the recovered user accounts in Outlook PST file format. Moreover, Exchange mailbox recovery utility also helps in recovering and restoring inaccessible Exchange mailboxes or databases into new EDB file. For more information, Visit http://www.edbtopstconverter.softwaredatarecovery.net/


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