03 September 2014


User Mailbox Recovery in Exchange 2003

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There are many methods for the recovery of a deleted Exchange 2003mailbox. They are:
1. Recover using the Exchange System Manager

02 May 2014


Know why you don’t have to worry about EDB File Error 550 anymore

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Without giving a second thought, each one of use would accept the fact that emails nowadays is the most indispensible part of any organization. Today, working in any office environment, be it usual communication, or even reporting to managers. All these are done through emails. In fact, these days MS Outlook and MS Exchange server are the most used email clients and Exchange Server that are widely used by many professionals.

The important aspect that one got to know is that while working on an exchange server, every time an email is sent through MS Outlook, a copy of that email is saved on Exchange Server in EDB (Exchange Server database) files. In fact, this EDB file very well stores vital information like to, CC, from, Bcc etc. and contacts, calendar, journal, and notes. But have you ever imagined what would you do if the MS Exchange Server database gets corrupted? Definitely, you may never ever like to think about any such situation because MS Exchange Server database corruption could easily lead to inaccessibility of mailbox, loss of the entire database.

20 January 2014


Best ways to eliminate bad page link error of MS Exchange Server

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MS Exchange Server is a server based application for storage and retrieval of email records. Mailbox information of all users connected with a MS Exchange network is saved in Exchange database folders and groups. Exchange database corruption adversely affects email services in business organizations that use MS Exchange Server. Logical EDB file errors are among the prominent Exchange Server corruption. Exchange Server error 327 is a common case of EDB logical corruption which appears in the Windows application log like this:

Source: ESE
Category: database corruption
Event ID: 447
Computer: Server name
Description: A bad page link (error-327) has been detected in a B-tree (ObjectId: 70950, PgnoRoot: 157120) of database C:\Program files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv1.EDB (157120 => 129107, 129109)

Chief reasons: Exchange error code 327 is reported during online defragmentation of MS Exchange Server. It indicates corruption at database page level of an Exchange mailbox store or jet database engine crash. It may happen due to several reasons such as corruption of the Windows logical or physical drive, virus infection, hardware problem and others.

24 July 2013


Is there any option to eliminate Exchange errors 0x8004011C and 0x80040115 manually?

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Exchange Server 2013 is designed to provide smooth email services in business organizations. Besides, uninterrupted email services, Exchange Server 2013 also provide following benefits to users:

  • 1. New powershell cmdlets for easy management of Exchange mailboxes
  • 2. Web based Exchange Administration Center in place of Exchange Management Console for IT administrators
  • 3. Merger of public folders into mailbox databases for quick recovery of inaccessible Exchange mailboxes
  • 4. Inbuilt anti-malware protection to prevent mailbox corruption and data theft events
  • 5. New Outlook Web App (OWA) layouts that can be used even in small devices like tablets, ipads and mobiles

11 March 2013


How to Export and Import mailboxes to outlook PST files?

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Disaster on the Exchange server creates a panic situation and interrupts entire communication process in the organization. Exchange Server disaster can happen due to several reasons such as:

  • a). Virus, spyware and ad-ware intrusion
  • b). Corrupt hard disk or portable device
  • c). Permanently deleted user accounts
  • d). Crash of MS Windows or MS Outlook
  • f). Other hardware malfunctions

How to recover corrupt PRIV, PRIV1, Pub, and Pub1 edb and stm database

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Most of us are very much aware of the fact that Exchange Database files are nothing more than the exact replica of user’s mailbox on MS Outlook. Moreover, this MS Exchange Server works in proper cooperation with MS Outlook in exchange of emails. And, each and every single email that is received or sent at the user’s end is primarily saved at server. Now, exchange server primarily store these emails as Exchange Database files that prove very helpful when you require dealing with accidental deletion of user mailbox.