20 January 2014


Best ways to eliminate bad page link error of MS Exchange Server

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MS Exchange Server is a server based application for storage and retrieval of email records. Mailbox information of all users connected with a MS Exchange network is saved in Exchange database folders and groups. Exchange database corruption adversely affects email services in business organizations that use MS Exchange Server. Logical EDB file errors are among the prominent Exchange Server corruption. Exchange Server error 327 is a common case of EDB logical corruption which appears in the Windows application log like this:

Source: ESE
Category: database corruption
Event ID: 447
Computer: Server name
Description: A bad page link (error-327) has been detected in a B-tree (ObjectId: 70950, PgnoRoot: 157120) of database C:\Program files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv1.EDB (157120 => 129107, 129109)

Chief reasons: Exchange error code 327 is reported during online defragmentation of MS Exchange Server. It indicates corruption at database page level of an Exchange mailbox store or jet database engine crash. It may happen due to several reasons such as corruption of the Windows logical or physical drive, virus infection, hardware problem and others.


You can use Exchange Server offline defragmentation tool i.e., Eseutil/d to remove bad database pages of a mailbox store:

C:\Program files\Exchsrvr\Bin\ Eseutil/d “C:\ProgramFiles\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\Priv1.EDB”

After offline defragmentation, you should also repair priv1.EDB folder or mailbox store using following command:

C:\Program files\Exchsrvr\Bin\ Eseutil/r “C:\ProgramFiles\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\Priv1.EDB”

If Exchange database page error is not fixed with Eseutil/r command, you should use Exchange Server hard recovery option:

C:\Program files\Exchsrvr\Bin\ Eseutil/p “C:\ProgramFiles\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\Priv1.EDB”

Exchange Server hard recovery option or Eseutil/p is a destructive process and it will recover Exchange mailbox store or public store by omitting all invalid database pages. After successful execution of Eseutil commands, you must also perform integrity check of the corrupt Exchange Server using following command:

C:\Program files\Exchsrvr\Bin\ Isinteg –s (Servername) –fix-test alltests

Run Isinteg command several times till MS Exchange Server does not report zero error. However, Eseutil and Isinteg commands will work only in case database bad page link error is limited to database level of MS Exchange Server only.

Another troubleshooting option is move the corrupt Priv1.EDB to a new Exchange Server using move mailbox command of the Exchange management console or Exchange management Shell. Then recreate a new mailbox store on the source Server and copy the original mailbox information from the destination Exchange Server.

Alternatively, you can use Exmerge.exe or Exchange mailbox merge program for moving Exchange mailbox data of a source server to mailboxes of a destination Exchange Server. But Exmerge program is available only with selected MS Exchange Server versions i.e., MS Exchange Server 5.0, 5.5 and 2000. Use of Exchange mailbox merge program also require deep knowledge of Exchange management tools.

If Exchange error 327 is reported due to hardware failure or drive corruption, it is better to use a third party Exchange Server recovery tool. Kernel for Exchange Server recovery smartly recovers inaccessible priv1.EDB and pub1.EDB folders of MS Exchange Server. It recovers entire mailbox information of Exchange users such as emails, sent items, inbox, deleted items, drafts and notes. MS Exchange Server recovery software saves recovered Exchange mailbox information in PST files. It also saves information of successfully recovered mailboxes in a HTML file. MS Exchange recovery tool supports all MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook versions. 
Free trial version download here: http://www.kerneldatarecovery.com/download-edb-email-recovery-software.html

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